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Audio processing test files

Jun 26, 2012 at 7:20 PM

I am developing many audio processing functions and there are few audio samples I use to test them. I don't know if this fits under Audio test files category, if not just remove the post.

General testing files:

  • SoTW.wav - Smoke on the Water (guitar sample) - 44.1 KHz Stereo (Unknown)
  • Churchill.mp3 - Winston Churchill Iron Curtain speech (speech sample) - 44.1 KHz Stereo (Unknown)
  • tvset.wav - The Outer Limits intro (speech sample) - 11.025 KHz Mono (Unknown)
  • thermo.wav - Homer Simpson speech (speech sample) - 44.1 KHz Mono (LGPL)
  • woman.wav - American Woman the Guess Who (music sample) - 44.1 KHz Mono (LGPL)

Impulse response Convolution test impulses:

Many free impulses on following site:

Files without link I have on my HDD, let me know where I can upload them.