This project is read-only.

You are free to submit files for inclusion into the Audio Test Files Repository. The following conditions must be met:

  • The file must not be encumbered by copyright issues
  • The file must not be too long (keep it under 1MB if at all possible)


  • It is a good idea to use audio with a distinctive start and end, so that we can easily tell by listening if the whole thing has been heard (e.g. "do re me fa so la ti do")
  • For stereo files, it can be useful to have something on left speaker only, something on right, and something central
  • Tell us what piece of software created the file
  • If it is broken in NAudio, tell us what piece of software can successfully play the file (e.g. Windows Media Player)
  • Do not attempt to email files directly to me. 
  • Post a message on the discussion forum with details of your file (including a statement that it is not copyrighted material)
  • Post a link to where it may be downloaded

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